Upgrade your Zoom and Teams events to a GLOcast.

Virtual Events

We have produced hundreds of virtual events using our TV-style broadcast studios. We bring together remote presenter contributions and high quality graphics / video playouts to create a fully branded live stream broadcast in stunning full HD.

Familiar Experience for Presenters

We use the ‘Big Three’ video conferencing platforms as the stage area for presenters. This means there is no new technology to get their head around – one less thing to worry about.

We then route these individual HD presenter video feeds through a broadcast vision mixer, allowing us to have full control of what goes out to the live stream audience. We can create picture in picture boxes over animated backgrounds or more conventional full screen video feeds, which switch at the push of a button.

Broadcast Quality Graphics and Overlays

One benefit of running virtual events through an actual hardware studio is the ability to run complex graphics overlays of any design on top of each other. We can run custom animated logo bugs, countdown timers, lower thirds and other data overlays.

As our studios run in full HD, the videos, slides and live stream goes out in crisp HD quality, without compromising presenter upload speeds.

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