What is a PiP? (Picture-in-Picture)

17 Feb 2023 | Lauren Torrance

With our virtual and hybrid events, PiPs are always mentioned and we are often asked, what is a PiP? Here it is, and you will love it!

A Picture-in-Picture (PiP) is a feature included in all of our virtual conferences and hybrid events and allows for multiple boxes to be presented. By doing so, it creates a professional look to engage your audience while also creating a more appealing appearance.

A PiP is particularly useful for virtual and hybrid events when you have multiple speakers or presenters. When you are hosting a discussion with more than one person, say a general meeting, a panel discussion, or an interview, you will be able to show all of the speakers on the screen at one time.

We can also display other content such as slides, charts, branding or other visuals and this is especially helpful during

presentations. This allows the audience to get a better feel for the presenter and make a more personal connection and the presenter can also view the audience and engage in a more meaningful discussion.

Creating amazing experiences for everyone is our goal with every event we produce. The use of PiPs helps us create a dynamic and exciting experience for your audience, rather than simply using Zoom or Teams meetings.

 You love it, I knew it!

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Lauren Torrance, Business Development Manager

Lauren Torrance

Business Development Manager

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Lauren studied Business Marketing at Queen Margaret University. Following her studies, she lived in Melbourne for ten years and embarked on a career in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for various event, hospitality and entertainment companies.

Lauren enjoys meeting new people, learning new skills and always expanding her knowledge in the events and production industry. She also loves good food, travelling and spending quality time with her two young daughters.