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Top 10 reasons to host your event hybrid

9 August 2022 | News

Hybrid events are the future!

Hybrid events are a combination of in-person and virtual attendees and offer a unique opportunity to reach a larger audience and create a more unique experience. It makes it easier to connect with people who may not be able to attend in person and provides a costeffective way to extend an event‘s reach and create a powerful experience for attendees! Other benefits include:

1. You can provide more content to your audience

2. Attract a global audience to increase your audience reach

3. More exposure for your sponsors & brand

4. Reduce costs on travel, accommodation and food expenses

5. You can have more control over your event

6. Flexibility to customise your audience’s experience

7. Record event content & repurpose it for educational or promotional material

8. Offer your audience different ticket types to suit their preference

9. Increase engagement across the online and live audience

10. You can sit back & relax when you book your hybrid event with GLO

Your Guide to Hybrid Events and Live Streaming

Your Guide to Hybrid Events and Live Streaming

Welcome to GLO’s comprehensive guide on Hybrid Events, a fresh and innovative approach to modern event management. As leaders in live streaming and hybrid event production, we aim to provide you with essential insights and strategies.