High production values delivering videos to impresses.

Conference Video Production


Whether it’s a straightforward presentation recording or a stylish conference highlights package, our company values can guarantee you get the best equipment and a top-quality video team to deliver your project.

Our team will work closely with your chosen AV partner to capture the key moments and the feel of the event. Using our knowledge of what content makes a good highlight video, we will help guide you and the edit process is quick and slick as a result.

Capturing quality interview footage while on site at a conference is second nature to us!

Interviews and Highlights Films

Our video producers can film interviews and ‘beauty shots’ during your event, which we can then edit into a slick highlights package to be shown to delegates at the end of the event or used as a promotional tool for the next event.

We always use the latest, high quality cameras, lenses and lights, which result in a lovely, filmic end product.

Presentation Recordings

Our team can also ensure that in-person or fully virtual presentations are recorded with the best quality image and audio, in order to create slick on-demand or ‘as live’ presentation recordings. Many of our clients prefer us to pre-record presentations ahead of live events in order to have full editorial control of what goes out on the live stream. We use our studio hardware to capture slides and video in the highest quality possible.

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