How to maximise return on investment from event videography?

Here at GLO, we’re often asked how to the maximise our clients’ return on investment on their event videography.

It’s not cheap having a video team cover an event – particularly if it’s overseas. This is why it’s even more important than ever to get the most out of that investment. In this post, I’ll quickly chat about what are some really clever ways our clients re-purpose event video to give them long term content and value.


Event highlights films – These are our bread and butter work. Think beautiful slo-mo shots of delegates and stunning aerial drone shots of the venue. Our clients use these as a marketing tool to showcase the last event and to promote the next one long after it’s finished.


Super-fast turnaround social videos are popular as they extend the event reach and help create buzz around it in real time. For this we need a dedicated editor on-site but it’s really cool to be able to upload a short highlights of the day the same day.


However, what’s become really popular and effective, is to use long form content to create lots of short form social snippets. This can range from taking soundbites from full session recordings to, what’s really fashionable now, recording video podcasts at the event and then trickle edit thought leadership pieces over several months after the event.


In a video podcast setting, you can explore content that was spoken on-stage in much more detail, expanding on interesting topics or discussing areas that were not covered on stage.


One ten minute podcast conversation can result in numerous social snippets, that then can drive traffic to the original long-form podcast or to other online assets. Over the duration of a day or two, we can record many conversations which will give you lots and lots of content to post.


I hope that’s been useful and has sparked some ideas on how to maximise return on investment from event videography.

Arran Moffat

Arran Moffat

GLO CEO & Managing Director

Arran, originally from Finland, first attended Portsmouth University, where he studied Business. After graduating, he returned to Edinburgh and began his career in Business Development for an Audio Visual company.

With his passion for audio, broadcasting, and video, Arran founded GLO in 2011, which specialises in video and provides virtual and in-person audiences with a unique and engaging experience.

Arran also enjoys CrossFit, cooking, and photography in his spare time and is an avid traveller.

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