Are there any specific technical requirements for video production at events?

Our Event Manager clients often ask us if there are any specific technical requirements when it comes to video production at conferences.

If we’re filming a highlights reel or sizzle content for social channels, there are no real technical requirements to consider. We’ll blend into the background and quietly capture b-roll for our film.


For interviews, we would ideally have a quiet area, where we can set up some lights and some branding. Quite often we film interviews in front of the client’s exhibition stand or pavilion with a nice bit of depth behind the subject to help them stand out from the background. We prefer to use wired mics for interviews as there are quite often lots of radio frequencies at play, particularly in larger events like the World Economic Forum in Davos. – We would not want your interview blaring out of someone else’s PA system!


When it comes to personnel requirements, in most cases, there is someone from client side liaising with the interviewee and bringing them to the interview location. They or we can ask the questions, although the camera operator will need to concentrate on framing the shot and focus.


When it comes to session recordings, we usually have a camera – either manned or robotic – at the back of the room or along one of the sides. A camera riser is essential in bigger conferences – ask your AV partner for one. A 1m x 2m bit of steel deck is perfect. If budgets and space allow, it’s good to have a second camera at the front to capture the faces of anyone asking questions during the Q&A sessions. Tech-wise, we ask for an XLR sound feed and a split of the projector content (we can provide all splitters, converters and cables) so that we can record everything the in-room audience can see and hear.

🚀 So, Event Managers, I hope the above helps when you’re considering video production for your next event?

Arran Moffat

Arran Moffat

GLO CEO & Managing Director

Arran, originally from Finland, first attended Portsmouth University, where he studied Business. After graduating, he returned to Edinburgh and began his career in Business Development for an Audio Visual company.

With his passion for audio, broadcasting, and video, Arran founded GLO in 2011, which specialises in video and provides virtual and in-person audiences with a unique and engaging experience.

Arran also enjoys CrossFit, cooking, and photography in his spare time and is an avid traveller.

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