GLO specialise in conference promotional video production.

We work throughout the UK and overseas capturing conference sessions and b-roll which is used to create a striking highlights package to be used as part of a promotional mix for the next year’s event.


Some promotional videos are strict highlights edits of the last event, where others are more forward looking ones with more content about the next location, venue and topics.

Conference promotional videos showcase the networking elements, exhibition as well as any business / educational topics that will be covered at the next meeting. We can also use stock footage or capture content on location to showcase next year’s location – this is often a big attraction for the delegates.


Mini conference promotional video case study – ESCP Vilnius

In this promotional video for a medical association, we used stock footage from the next destination city to set the scene and show the beauty of the location. We also showcased the venue with a map before cutting in footage that we captured at an earlier conference to show the different elements of the event and some key speakers.



Mini conference promotional video case study – Infosys Confluence EMEA, Rome

This conference promotional video was all filmed on location in Rome. We filmed all the establishing shots before the conference started using a drone, which gave the film a high production value look and some unique establishing shots of the venue. The diverse and fun elements of the programme were all showcased, which will help sell the conference to delegates the next year. As a side note, this was filmed and edited onsite as the event ran and shown as the event summary closing video at the end of the two day conference. It was filmed and shown on a giant 5:1 ratio screen and the 16:9 version was created afterwards.  


Mini conference promotional video case study – World Built Environment Summit, New York

This film was captured and edited onsite at the conference in New York. It showed some highlights of the event and also was used to reveal the location of the next event in Shanghai. We then used this conference promotional video as the base for a number of outputs promoting the Shanghai conference on social channels during the year leading up to the event. By capturing an abundance of footage at the previous event we could provide the client comms team plenty of variety in their marketing efforts.

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