The power of an event highlights video!

22 Mar 2023 | Lauren Torrance

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Creating an event highlights video allows you to showcase the best moments of your event and provides an engaging way to promote your business or the next event!

There are so many powerful benefits to video marketing and event videos are an excellent wat to capture valuable content. With all attendees gathered at the same place and time, it’s the right time to make the most of different content shots.
There are various types of content that can be captured for an event, such as showcasing the venue through hero shots and the location through drone shots. Additionally, capturing shots of delegates, presenters, and audience reactions are also important. Conducting interviews with keynote speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, and audience members can provide valuable insights. Another option is to conduct vox pops of speakers, attendees, or awardees to gather positive feedback about the event, particularly if something exciting has occurred. The possibilities are limitless!
After your event, the video can be shared with attendees to reignite excitement, used to promote future events, and posted on social media and your website. The possibilities are endless!
Our team at GLO is dedicated to working closely with you in the lead-up to your event. We take the time to understand your brand and goals to ensure that we can capture everything you envisioned. Our experienced video operators, paired with high-quality cameras, will always guarantee a high standard of work. We will work hard to exceed your expectations and deliver the best possible outcome.
Lauren Torrance, Business Development Manager

Lauren Torrance

Business Development Manager

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Lauren studied Business Marketing at Queen Margaret University. Following her studies, she lived in Melbourne for ten years and embarked on a career in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for various event, hospitality and entertainment companies.

Lauren enjoys meeting new people, learning new skills and always expanding her knowledge in the events and production industry. She also loves good food, travelling and spending quality time with her two young daughters.