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Hybrid Events – Three Sides to Your Event

When running hybrid events, we pay close attention to the in-room audience and presenters as well as the online audience and presenters.

A hybrid (or blended) event requires a complex production to ensure that both in-room and online parties get a smooth and useful event experience.

  1. The online presenters need to see and hear the stage and fellow online contributors.
  2. The in-room panel, host and audience need to see the online contributors. There must not be audio feedback or lip sync issues.
  3. The live stream audience need to see a separate broadcast mix, which includes video from the room, video from online and often a branded background. They also tend to see different content before the event and during breaks.

So, lots of separate elements happening at the same time. We generally work on this setup:

  • One crew looks after online presenters. They’re on a call with them to welcome them, ensuring they see and hear what they need to (stage / presenter+slides etc.) as well as double checking they know how to advance slides and how they will be cued in. They will also be shown the countdown timer and will be cued in using voice cues by our team.
  • A second crew member is responsible for the live mix to the online audience. They will mix all video and audio for the broadcast (and on-demand record). Throughout, they will monitor the live stream output goes the the online audience smoothly.
  • The third team member controls the robotic cameras as well as the in-room screen content. This screen often shows different content to the live stream and the presenter call, so needs its own mix for best results.


Single Remote Contributor – In Room View


Single Remote Contributor Live Stream to Online Audience


Multiple Panel Members (live and via Zoom / Teams) – In-room View


Multiple Panel Members – Live Stream to Online Audience View


What the Remote Contributors See on Their Zoom / Teams Call

Your Guide to Hybrid Events and Live Streaming

Your Guide to Hybrid Events and Live Streaming

Welcome to GLO’s comprehensive guide on Hybrid Events, a fresh and innovative approach to modern event management. As leaders in live streaming and hybrid event production, we aim to provide you with essential insights and strategies.