Choosing a Live Streaming and Hybrid Event Supplier: What to Look For

30 January 2023 | Lauren Torrance

Live streaming company technicians in Glasgow

Working with the right supplier means that you get the quality and reliability that you need for your event to be a success!


If you’ve decided to include any live stream or hybrid elements in your event, you know why it is beneficial and what you want to gain from it. The difficult part is finding the right supplier who can meet your requirements and stay within your budget. Here are some essential points to consider during your search!


  • It is important to identify the company as a video production company so you can establish that they have the correct equipment and qualified staff and are not outsourcing from a company you don’t know.
  • Company research is key, so look at the company’s website and social media platforms for more information.
  • Ask for testimonials as client references are an excellent tool to give you an understanding of the relationships they have with their clients.
  • Research the company’s experience with similar productions and if they have any case studies and video examples to provide you.
  • If you have delivery times on any edited content, checking the supplier’s turn-around times meet your expectations.
  • Understanding your budget and what type of production you need will help you to create a realistic plan and stick to it.
  • Determine the size of the live event or production and any special requirements, such as multiple cameras, graphics, remote presenters, audience participation etc.
  • Find out what platforms the company can stream to and determine if they can meet all your requirements.
  • Confirm the company’s technical capabilities, such as bandwidth, quality of streaming, and backup systems.
  • Ask about post-production services, such as video editing and recording

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Lauren Torrance, Business Development Manager

Lauren Torrance

Business Development Manager

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Lauren studied Business Marketing at Queen Margaret University. Following her studies, she lived in Melbourne for ten years and embarked on a career in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for various event, hospitality and entertainment companies.

Lauren enjoys meeting new people, learning new skills and always expanding her knowledge in the events and production industry. She also loves good food, travelling and spending quality time with her two young daughters.

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