Advantages of using an event microsite hosted by GLO

13 December 2022 | John Matheson

An event microsite is a really effective tool to promote your event and allows you to showcase your event and engage with your audience!

We can create a focused and dedicated space which will be immediately recognisable to your brand! Your customised event microsite will include a white-labelled live stream player for your event and will give you full control of the style and look of your personalised player page.

Some of the advantages of using a GLO event microsite:

You can include customisable elements like password protection, audience interaction, entry fields and speaker bios, and can all be experienced by your audience within your brand guidelines.

Lower your carbon footprint

You can save money by having your event online and delivering your zero-carbon targets.

Rather than sending your audience a standard conference call link or directing them to a restrictive and unfamiliar event platform. The microsite for events allows your audience to access your branded player page in the familiar environment and engage with your event in full HD quality with no need to log in, sign-up or download an app.

Your event microsite is a resource tool as it allows you to create a focused, targeted website that can be used to provide information about your event, or topic. It allows you to create a more personalized and engaging experience for your target audience and can be used to drive more targeted traffic to your main website.

Reach a global audience

Serving your event microsite through Cloudflare CDN, and your live stream video using the industry-standard global Content Delivery Networks fast. The industry-standard global Content Delivery Network ensures your content can be delivered consistently and instantly across the globe. Making all resources available instantly for visitors, no matter where they are in the world.

We test our event microsites to ensure our scripting meets the highest speeds and performance needed for optimal performance.

Our event microsites are hosted behind a secure socket layer and are PCI compliant, making your event secure to the highest standards.

Information is king

Other technical advantages include being able to gather good information about logins, everything from email addresses to geolocation and analytics reporting allowing you to report accurately on the reach of your event online.

If you would like to discuss your event and incorporate an event microsite, please contact our team.

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John Matheson

GLO Project Manager

In 2020, John joined the GLO team as a Project Manager, leading our team of Live Stream and Video Producers. Having graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a first-class honours degree in 2019, he now specialises in video, broadcasting, and virtual and hybrid events.

Being a Highlander at heart, John enjoys pulling on his wellies and exploring the Scottish Borders with his son Angus and wife Jennifer in his spare time.

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