Fully in-person events vs hybrid events – our honest comparison

17 January 2023 | Lauren Torrance

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It’s amazing to be back in person after a long time of not being able to host events and enjoy networking with new friends and acquaintances! 

In a pandemic where virtual events were the only option available, it brings lots of joy to people to be able to get out of the house and engage in some in-person discussions. Despite this, there is still a high percentage of people who are unable to travel or have moved overseas or would just prefer not to attend a physical event.

We may be a little bias, but being able to offer clients a hybrid event solution, allows you to open up your event to everyone and accommodate any concerns around travel or safety. Many other reasons it is a valuable element to include, is you can open your event up to a wider, global audience and no matter where you are, you can tune in at any time. Also, you do not have to limit the online audience’s participation to the physical event. We can bring visuals of the online audience onto the in-person screens, coordinate remote presenters into the room, and include audience Q&A, polls and even games! Everyone who attends your event, whether online or in person, can have a similar event experience!

The all-important cost can be a factor to consider. It will cost you a little more to host your event hybrid, we don’t want to beat around the bush! If you want your event to look and sound amazing, you need the latest technology and experienced staff! It is, however, worth considering the fares you’ll save on travel, accommodation, food and drink as well as the carbon footprint you’ll reduce!

Overall, we believe there is no comparison. Hybrid events are a great way to bring people together, no matter where they are. They provide the best of both worlds, allowing attendees to experience the event in person, or from the comfort of their own homes. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder hybrid events are becoming a popular choice!

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Lauren Torrance, Business Development Manager

Lauren Torrance

Business Development Manager

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Lauren studied Business Marketing at Queen Margaret University. Following her studies, she lived in Melbourne for ten years and embarked on a career in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for various event, hospitality and entertainment companies.

Lauren enjoys meeting new people, learning new skills and always expanding her knowledge in the events and production industry. She also loves good food, travelling and spending quality time with her two young daughters.

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