Edinburgh Futures Institute, University of Edinburgh


Edinburgh Futures Institute, University of Edinburgh


Inspace, Playfair Library and online


We collaborated with Edinburgh Futures Institute to host a series of virtual and hybrid events, combining virtual audiences and presenters with in-person audiences and presenters to provide a global platform for learning and engagement.


Pre-event, we sourced, and project managed all audio-visual elements (lighting, staging, PA etc) so that each venue looked and sounded the best for the broadcast as well as for the in-room audience. We provided a combination of manned and robotic cameras, which were fed to a gallery area behind the scenes where we mixed the cameras and any presentation content before sending the HD stream out to the online audience. We also delivered a second stream with live captioned subtitles using real-time palantypists who were watching and listening to the event on the other end of a zoom call. Some events had remote contributors, who were brought into the room, and live-streamed, using our hybrid event workflow. All events were recorded locally in high quality for any post-event edit requirements and archive.

Couldn’t be happier working with GloCast on a number of hybrid and online events – the quality of their work is unmatched, and their team amazing! 

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