Net Zero Scotland Projects Conference


Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, Scotland


We are the video and live-stream partner of the Net Zero Scotland Projects Conference. This is an in-person and online event, highlighting their commitment to sustainability to support the Scottish government’s net zero emissions target by 2045. Our team managed all live streaming and hybrid elements, and created a personalised microsite for the live stream and online Q&A embeds. We also produced an event highlight video and filmed interviews to create a video to promote their next event and share with delegates that attended.


Part of the brief was to find innovative ways to help the event’s online audience feel included in the in-person networking sessions. The networking space was a bright, open, and a unique room which created a great buzz for the 40+ stands and 250 in-person delegates. By filming and live streaming the networking room, we felt we could share that atmosphere with the online audience also.

The main challenge presented to deliver this, was the physical distance between our live streaming studio in the Main Plenary Hall and the cameras in the Networking Room. Due to the nature of the building, long cable runs, or radio signals were not an option. By using industry leading SRT point-to-point hardware we were able to send those feeds wirelessly, with ultra-low latency to our studio in the Main Plenary Hall. This meant that when a session finished and a networking break started, we were able to live to stream the delegates leaving the Main Plenary Hall and then effectively follow the action into the Networking Room. Rather than dislocating the online audience from the in-person event by putting up a holding slide to the stream for example, we were able to maintain that live atmosphere and keep the focus on the networking element.

To further engage the attendees and promote the event, we filmed and produced an event highlight video and set up an area for keynote speakers and sponsors to provide a space for interviews.

Throughout the event, we worked closely with the venue to manage the logistics and ensure that everything ran smoothly. The event was a huge success, and we look forward to hosting the next event in London and discussing new and fresh ideas for the event.

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