Drone Filming - Event Highlights Video


Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, Scotland


When it comes to shooting an event video, having a drone shot can be a game changer! We recently filmed an event and a highlight video at one of our favourite venues in Edinburgh, Dynamic Earth. To create a memorable event video for our client, we included a nice establishing shot of the venue's location.


There were a lot of International attendees attending the conference, so in this instance, it was important to put an emphasis on the location of the conference. A drone shot, however, could include signage, landmarks, or other recognisable features that help viewers understand the context of the event.

By including a drone shot of the event location, offered an opening shot for the video and showed off Edinburgh’s, Arthurs Seat and Dynamic Earth beautifully. It added an extra layer of visual interest to the video and our client was very happy with the end result.

Adding drone shots to your next event video is a great option, but they can also be used as an opening shot for your next event, to show off on the screen online and in person. During an event, you could show a (live or pre-recorded) shot of the location and outside of the venue, and even guests coming into the venue to add a real buzz. It also gives the online audience that sense of being there and enhancing their engagement!

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