Series of Video Podcast Discussions


Aberdeen, St Andrews & Edinburgh


As part of a University campaign, we worked with an agency to produce a series of video podcasts to promote the values of the University sector. The goal was to film a variety of conversations about skills development and employability and deliver engaging content to enhance their values.


We travelled to different locations across Scotland to host and produce a podcast with University students, professors and employees!

Using our professional quality on-location video podcasting equipment, it was easy to travel to each location and set up in a few hours. Our setup included a combination of Sony FX6 and Sony FX7, podcast-specific headsets and microphones on long arms, LED lighting, audio and video mixers, and recorders.

With a quick turnaround, we created podcast videos that looked and sounded amazing and offered a contemporary feel. In addition to being a great resource for sharing with other University members, the videos can also be showcased online as well. As part of our in-house editing team, we will be able to assist ongoing with trimming and editing of any of the content for social media purposes.


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