The Federation of Scottish Theatre & Creative Scotland Hybrid Event


The lighthouse, Glasgow Central


As part of this hybrid event, we aimed at combining all hybrid elements into one event while ensuring that the programme flowed uninterrupted. This also required that both the online and in-person audience were fully engaged and could easily contribute throughout. For this event, four different live experiences had to be considered: in-person audience, online audience, in-person speakers, and online (remote) speakers. Each of these live elements required their own dedicated 'vision mix'.


An example of one element: During an inperson presentation, the online audience needed to see a camera feed of the presenter and their slides. This was achieved using a PiP (pictureinpicture) function and at the same time, the presenter needed to see their slides with notes and a live countdown clock overlaid. This was achieved by setting up return (aka comfort) monitors on the stage and one of our team members then mixed this video feed and managed the countdown clock. We did not want the camera feed to be displayed on the screens in the room, so a separate vision mixer switched the video signals going to the room.

At the end of each presentation, there was an opportunity for both audiences to contribute. Our system allowed us to easily manage the complex audio and video routing involved to make sure the different live elements could all see and hear the correct mix at all times, free from audio loops or returns of their own camera feeds. For example, when someone contributed online, the robotic cameras were used to allow the contributor to see who they were speaking to in the room. At the same time, the screen in the room would show the video of the online contributor for full integration of the online.

Overall, the vision mixing for this event was complex and required a lot of skill and experience. By our team having dedicated vision mixers for each live experience, we were able to make sure that everyone involved could have the best experience possible.

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