Event Live Streaming Company – What to look for when choosing one?

We here at GLO, have been live event streaming specialists for over 10 years. Since COVID, the UK events ecosystem has gained a very broad range of event live streaming companies and it might be worthwhile to go over some of the qualities that I recommend looking for when selecting an event live streaming company to partner with.

event live streaming company


Our clients have told us they really value the service they receive from their initial enquiry all the way to the completion of their project and delivery of their video assets. When working with an event live streaming company, they like to have a dedicated named contact throughout the production and an internal video edit team available for any post-event requirements and tweaks.

Speed of delivery

These days attention spans are very short – especially on social media. Being able to turn around event on-demand content and social snippets the same day or at least within 24 hours is vital to keep the event at the forefront of the audience. Of course there is the long tail of thought leadership content that I spoke about last time, but our clients really value getting edits and on-demand out as quickly as possible.

Flexibility of the Live Streaming Company

This can range from not being tied to a single streaming platform to being able to change plans / dates / kit spec at a very short notice. After all – live events are a fluid environment and things will change often without warning.


You should ask your event live streaming company what backups do they have in place, particularly on the hardware front. Is the whole stream (or event) sitting on one box? Do they have a hot backup encoder? Do they have a secondary stream going out in case the first one fails?

Just like your AV partner should have a backup presentation machine and backup microphones, your live streaming partner should have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

🚀 So, that’s my advice when looking at an event live streaming company to broadcast your next conference. I hope that’s been useful and as always, DM me or leave a comment below. 👇 Thanks for reading!✨

Arran Moffat

Arran Moffat

GLO CEO & Managing Director

Arran, originally from Finland, first attended Portsmouth University, where he studied Business. After graduating, he returned to Edinburgh and began his career in Business Development for an Audio Visual company.

With his passion for audio, broadcasting, and video, Arran founded GLO in 2011, which specialises in video and provides virtual and in-person audiences with a unique and engaging experience.

Arran also enjoys CrossFit, cooking, and photography in his spare time and is an avid traveller.

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