Corporate Internal Hybrid Meeting


The Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh


The goal of this event was to host a hybrid meeting with no audience. This was to offer a focused discussion between all contributors, with no pressures of an audience and so all attendees could discuss important and confidential topics. Communication was our top priority! Whether joining virtually or attending in the room, everyone would have the ability to easily contribute and feel involved in all of the proceedings.


At such an intimate hybrid meeting event, any technical issues would be magnified and could seriously disrupt the flow of conversation. Therefore, when we design a system like this one, it is very important to prioritise delivering the highest standards of technical execution. With the help of our technology and team, we were able to enable all contributors to easily connect and collaborate even when physically apart.

We felt that for this event it would be more appropriate for our technical team to set up our studio in a separate room, from where we could control robotic cameras remotely and manage the hybrid contributions without causing any distractions. We worked closely with the excellent event team at The Scotsman Hotel and we were able to have the full system setup, tested and our technical running order thoroughly rehearsed before any of the members arrived. At GLO we take complex routing solutions like this in our stride and we try to make it all look very easy!

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