Interactive Live Chat During Webcasts and Webinars

The main benefit of doing live webcasts or webinars is the ability to include an online audience in the interactive Question & Answer sessions.

People watching the live webcast or webinar the feel truly part of the event when they are able to ask a question and the answer is relayed to them live, in real time through the video. It’s very powerful when the presenter looks right into the camera and answers a question posted by one of the online audience.

The way we do it – and I think this is the best system around for interactivity during a webcast – is to use a live chat room. The online audience participate in a lively discussion in the chat room, all moderated by someone at the event. This is usually from the client’s side as they will know the topic and possibly some of the online audience.

The chat room moderator will also act as the voice of the online audience during the Q&A session. They quite simply put their hand up with everyone else in the room and ask the question when the microphone comes to them. Quite often our clients even prioritise questions from online to ensure they have been included in the event.

This interactive chat room also allows the moderator to ask other questions that can be relayed at the event. For instance, it’s fun to find out where in the world the online audience are from. The presenter or chair person can then make an announcement to the audience, giving the event a much more international feel!

Another way to include online participants is by using Twitter. A live Twitter feed next to the video window is a great way to bring in the online audience with tweeters from inside the conference room and beyond. The Twitter stream can also be projected in the event during breaks for added interest.

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