Live Streaming and Event Video for Venues

GloCast already streams and films in many leading venues through the end client or technical AV companies. We would now like to cement lasting partnerships directly with venues.

When I worked for a leading technical event production company, we successfully nurtured long-term relationships with a number of leading conference venues, helping them and their clients with their Audio Visual requests. Now, GloCast being specialists in the world of conference video and live streaming, we can discuss video services with the end client directly, giving you an additional revenue stream with a straight forward commission for the referral. This frees you up to concentrate on your business, while giving your clients an additional service from a trusted, high quality video provider.

Conference Highlights

As event video is becoming more and more important for conference clients, GloCast is at hand to assist with a range of requirements, including:

– Live streams
– Conference presentation filming
– Event feature films
– Presenter interviews
– Delegate and exhibitor ‘vox pop’ interviews

We are Edinburgh-based but operate throughout the UK and internationally. We have professional and 3rd party liability insurance and have all of our equipment PAT tested to comply with venue H&S policies.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming allows remote viewers to watch and participate in the event in real time. We beam the conference out of your venue and distribute the stream across the internet. Live streams can be fully open or we can restrict access using a password or a more comprehensive login facility. We record the live streamed event in HD and our clients use this to post the presentations online as ‘video on demand’. Prior to streaming from your venue, all we have to do is conduct a site visit (if we have not already streamed from your venue) to ensure your network is live streaming compatible.

GloCast - Live Streaming and Conference Video for Venues

Conference Videos and interviews are often used to promote the event, helping the event organiser generate repeat business and interest growing the conference for successive years. We often film snippets of the event and pepper the feature film with ‘vox pop’ interviews and soundbites. Quite frequently, social media will also be used to spread the awareness of the event video and these are often seen by 1000’s of viewers. A great additional piece of marketing for your venue!

Please contact Arran to discuss live streaming and conference video in more detail or to get a preliminary quote and indication of your commission.

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